Film Team

The doctors and the film team in Olangchunggola

Stefano Levi, Filmmaker, Producer, DOP.

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Lisa Wagner, Assistant Director




Rosalie Kubny, Sound

Rosalie Kubny studied Political Sciences, Sociology, Law and History and currently holds a Bachelor degree. She has a strong interest in Humanitarian work and Film. Since several years she developed as a freelance sound engineer for documentary projects and participated to several film projects. Out of the Darkness was her first assignment on a humanitarian mission.




Luca Coltri, Director of Photography

Luca Coltri, is a filmmaker underwater camera operator and scuba diving instructor based in Ventimiglia, Italy. He has extensive experience with documentary film-making and a special talent in managing difficult situations and extreme physicals and mental stress. He worked for National Geographic and BBC and is currently involved in several reportage and documentary projects under- and above-water. He returned from Nepal just in time to assist his wife giving birth to his first daughter Eva.



Out of the Darkness – Der Weg ins Licht / 2011 / DE / 81′ min / English and Nepali
with Sanduk Ruit, Geoff Tabin and David Oliver Relin

Produced and Directed by Stefano Levi

Produced by Werner Kubny, Per Schnell

Written by Stefano Levi and Lisa Wagner

Directors of Photography: Luca Coltri and Stefano Levi

Field Sound Recording: Rosalie Kubny

Editor: Rainer Nigrelli

Assistant Director: Lisa Wagner

Music by: Prem Rana (Autari) and Markus Aust

Sound Mixing: Matteo Bohé – Recording Studio: Art Audio, Cologne

Recordist / additional Sound Mixing: Kiu Ghaderi – Recording Studio: Air Audio, Leverkusen

Title Design & Trailer: Katrin Heinz

Artwork: Johnny Bauer