Support us in our Filmmaking work

If you liked our work and you wish to support us in our socially relevant film projects you can do so in several ways. Professional filmmaking is expensive and unfortunately projects like “Out of the Darkness” are not sponsored by TV or German Film funds. By regaining our investment for the film – even only partially – we will be able to produce other socially relevant stories. Independent filmmaking nowadays has become very hard. The competition with mainstream we face threatens our existence.

Unfortunately, so far “Out of the Darkness” was rejected by most German, European and International TV channels. We need your support to keep filming socially relevant stories for which TV apparently has no interest and we search new ways to reach our audience.

These are ways you can help us.

– Get involved and offer a screening of Out of the Darkness in your School, University, Theatre, Company, Hospital or Institution in your community.

– Purchase the rights for showing Out of the Darkness in your NGO.

– Organize a Fund-Raising event in your community by showing Out of the Darkness.

– Buy a Special Edition DVD + Music CD directly from the filmmakers (Part of the revenues are donated to cure blindness) or a DVD from

– Invite the filmmakers for a Q&A session in your organization.

– If you work at a local TV station, propose our Film to your boss.

– Donate production money that we will invest in our next projects. No amount is too little.

– Speak about our project and the story of Dr. Ruit with your friends.


If you wish to contribute with a donation,  please use the button here below:

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