Festival run in France and USA

A special thanks goes to Alex and Dan, the directors of the Documentary Edge Film Festival who did an amazing job! Very high quality events and excellent opportunity to meeting relevant people in the Documentary Film-making Industry. A very special thanks also goes to the friends of the Fred Hollows Foundation, who were exceptional in helping me advertising the film, and providing contacts to media. With them we plan to organize events in order to raise funds to support the work of Dr. Ruit and Dr. Tabin who are dedicated to eradicating blindness from the face of Earth.

After New Zealand, Out of the Darkness will be screened in Paris on April 1, at the ECÚ – European Independent Film Festival, and then after that. In April 2011 there will be screenings at three different USA Festivals: The Riverside International Film Festival, California, on April 8-17, the Indie Spirit Film Festival, Colorado, April 14-17 and Connecticut’s Premiere Hills Film Festival, (formerly known as the Kent Film Festival) April 7-10.

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